I woke up this morning, drank my water, ate my breakfast {are you doing the 21-Day Breakfast Challenge?}, realized I had no coffee then began working away whittling down my to-do list. It’s pretty long. I feel like it’s never-ending, which I suppose is a good thing because that means I have enough going on in my life, my business, and now my new blog adventure, to keep me busy. And I do like being busy.

I was about to delve into another task when someone knocked at the door. Not expecting anyone, I look like a bad case of awful. Bed head hair, ratty old college t-shirt, old yoga pants. The work from home uniform. I opened the door to find B with a Starbucks Soy Mocha. Just as I like it. He knew I was out of coffee since I jokingly texted him to bring me some. Not expecting him to actually do it, this is one of those small yet huge gestures that melts my heart. It made me think about this past week and how it has been one of those great weeks with nothing major or out of the ordinary to make it any more special than usual but good things just happened. Here’s a list of awesome things that either happened or I came to appreciate this week…

1. So let’s start with random Starbucks delivery from “the boy” on a rainy, thunderstormy jam-packed day {obviously not busy enough if I can fit writing a blog entry into the mix}. When you realize you’ve run out of coffee, it’s raining outside, your to-do list seems insurmountable, and you stayed up way too late the night before, going for a coffee run just isn’t part of the plan. Starbucks delivery is pretty much the most amazing thing on a day like today.  Or any day, really.

2. The next awesome thing would be COCONUT MILK ICE CREAM and a spontaneous Sunday with friends. Those are the best kind of Sundays. It started out with a small clothing donation at Hang Up Help Out that turned into a random, casual, fun day in Westboro. It was a weird weather day but when the sun was out, it was hot! So we decided to stop into ThimbleCakes {aka The Candy Store} at 350 Richmond Road for some Coconut Milk Ice Cream. Decadent. Seriously, it was better than regular ice cream. Smooth, creamy, great texture, and absolutely delicious. If you’re sensitive to milk/casein or are lactose intolerant, this is an alternative so amazing you won’t care if you ever have the real thing again.


Photo taken from website.


3. Almost completing the 30-Day Yoga Challenge, which my cousin recommended on her facebook page. I’m on Day 28. So far, I’m loving these 15-20 minutes of yoga on the daily.  It’s pretty awesome. If you need a push to get into a regular at home yoga routine or just need some flexibility/strength/calm in your life, this is a great way to get started.

4.  I know this is going to sound super cheesy but I swear these things have changed my life. My cooking life to be more specific. I couldn’t fall asleep one night a few weeks ago and ended up watching almost an entire hour of one of those if-you-buy-it-right-now-we’ll-throw-in-a-million-dollars-of-extra-stuff informercials on this newfangled, no-stick cookware called Flavor Stone. I didn’t end up buying it “in the next 30 minutes” but I kept thinking about it so much throughout the next few days that I ended up doing a bit of research on it. I wanted to check out the reviews to make sure this stuff was legit. I found all good things from every single source. So finally, I almost bought the introductory offer from their website but ended up finding it at Canadian Tire for $99. Changed my life. Not kidding. This stuff uses a “revolutionary sapphire, non-stick, PFOA free surface.” Cooking and cleaning is an absolute breeze. Nothing sticks to it. You don’t even need oil or butter most of the time. And no, I’m not getting paid to recommend this but maybe someone will see this and offer me more of their amazing products to test out – like the grill component and the baking sheets. Hint hint.

5. And finally, last night’s event at Flowers Talk Tivoli. What an amazing time, with amazing people, in an amazing new space, celebrating an amazing new adventure for my dear friend & client, Elizabeth Young. What I love so much about doing what I do is that my graphic design clients have turned into some of my most amazing friends. I’m happy {and lucky} to say Elizabeth is one of them. This exciting new venture could not have happened to a more deserving person. She is kind beyond measure and if last night’s turn out at her wine & cheese celebrating the merger of Flowers Talk and Tivoli Flowers is any indication of her giving spirit, she will always be surrounded by much love and support. Last night’s event was, by far, one of the funnest {can I use that word in a sentence?} events I have been to in a really long time. I felt right at home in that beautiful store surrounded by wonderful friends, new and old. Of course, I stayed until well past closing and put in my request that this party needs to happen at least once a month. Not only was it a fabulous time celebrating a friend’s new business merger, but it was also a true testament of the love and support that Elizabeth has in her family, friends, and customers.  Oh and the food & decor didn’t hurt either. This stunning display {pictured below} was styed by Petite Event Co. Macarons {the caramel ones were to die for} made by Hearty Bakery, Cupcakes by The Cupcake Lounge, Cheesecake by Eden Cheesecake Co, and an abundant array of meats & cheeses prepared by the Flowers Talk Tivoli team.
ps. S
tay tuned for a feature story in the near future with Elizabeth on the calming and therapeutic effects of flowers


Photo taken from Petite Event Co’s Instagram feed: @Petiteeventco




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