It’s DAY 17 of the 21-Day Breakfast Challenge and I’m feeling pretty good about myself. So I decided to add the 12-Day Wild Rose Detox to the mix. I think my body needs a reset. Breakfast & water everyday has been working wonders on my energy levels, and now that I’m on this path, I’m incorporating this fantastic, easy-to-do detox. It’s not a detox in the way you think.

I did it over a year ago on a recommendation from my naturopath. This was just supposed to be an attempt to clear up my sinuses, inflammation & congestion issues. I ended up losing 10 lbs in 12 days and I was never hungry. I ate so many healthy meals that kept me full for hours. I was always satisfied. Except the first few days are a bit challenging when it comes to sweet cravings, which I have often {sweets are my weakness}. I told my naturopath that I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to follow along because my sweet cravings are so intense. She suggested eating 1 or 2  dates if I thought I would cave. She also gave me a great “truffle” recipe that I’ll share in the next few days.

Of course, I was terrified at the thought of doing a cleanse or a detox. I can barely make it 2 hours before I give up completely. This is not an exaggeration. So I went in pretty skeptical but it was something she insisted I do. I’m happy I followed through because I felt really good while I was doing it, my skin was clear, and my sinus issues had almost vanished.

I’ve never really done a cleanse before because, like I said, I have an inability to stick these kinds of things, specifically if it’s one of those “drink” your meals programs. Never works for me.

How is this different? There isn’t a meal plan to follow. Strict meal plans spell disaster for me right out of the gate. The program booklet lists which foods you can eat and which you should avoid. The list also serves as a great grocery shopping companion. I take the booklet with me to the grocery store and I add the items I’m allowed to eat and plop them in my cart. Forcing me to eat only these items {which there are many of, by the way. It is by no means limiting} allowed me to come up with some pretty snazzy dinner recipes. I was pretty impressed with myself and concocted some awesome meals that I still make to this day. I’ll be sure to add 1 or 2 throughout the next two weeks to give you some ideas.

The food parameters were so easy to work within that I had fully intended to stick with the food portion of the detox as a new “lifestyle” change but sadly, I didn’t. I ended the detox the day before Thanksgiving, which just spiraled into the holidays and I was never able to get back on board again…until now. I’m hoping with the support of the Pure. Life. Beautiful. community I’ll be motivated to stick with it. Not to mention, I’m publicly declaring that I’m doing this so you better believe I’ll follow through 🙂

The other aspect of the cleanse are the supplements. None of them were too harsh or hard to handle. My naturopath did advise that if I was going to be out and about a lot, to avoid the Laxaherb. I actually rarely took that one and still managed to lose weight and feel the benefits of the cleanse.

Overall, it was a great little detox and am strangely excited to try it out again. If you’re interested in joining me, feel free to join the Pure. Life. Beautiful. Facebook Group where we can keep each other motivated, share recipes, and offer kudos and support. You can purchase the kit at pretty much any health food store but I most recently purchased mine at Kardish Westboro.

For more information on the Wild Rose Detox, feel free to visit their website here. They also allow you to download the PDF version of the Booklet, which is a great way to take a sneak peek into the program before committing.



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